AMZ Link Checker: About

About AMZ Link Checker

What is AMZ Link checker?

AMZ Link Checker is the internet's number one cloud based Amazon affiliate link checker. We launched our early access alpha in March 2019, which was very well received.

AMZ Link Checker will monitor your website for Amazon affiliate links, once it finds these links it will check each of them is working as it should be.

Here are just some of the checks our system will perform on your Amazon links

  • Find out of stock items
  • Find moved items
  • Find unavailable items
  • Find items with low average review scores
  • Find links with missing affiliate tags

  • AMZ Link Checker allows users to worry less about their Amazon affiliate links and focus more on their business.

    How will AMZ Link Checker help me?

    AMZ Link Checker will stop you needlessly throwing away affiliate commission.

    When we scan most websites for bad Amazon links we find around 4%-10% of their website's Amazon affiliate links will have problems, such as the items being out of stock or moved.

    Our system can alert you of all these bad links. You'll know the same day an item goes out of stock or is moved, as well as our many other link checks.

    Do I need to install anything on my computer?

    AMZ Link Checker is 100% cloud based meaning you don't have to install anything on your machine. We manage the scanning of your website and all updates to our software.

    Can this harm my affiliate website in anyway?

    Once we've scanned your website for Amazon affiliate links we load each link and check if its working correctly.
    However when we do this we remove your Amazon affiliate tag so we don't inflate your Amazon link click through rates and decrease your Amazon conversion rates.

    Who owns AMZ Link Checker?

    AMZ Link Checker is ran by a small team of software developers and Amazon affiliate website owners based London in the UK!