12 BIG Traffic Sources For Your Amazon Affiliate Website

12 BIG Traffic Sources
For Your Amazon Affiliate Website

We all know when it comes to Amazon affiliate websites the more traffic you get the more sales you make. There is often a tendency to focus solely on search engine optimisation which is great but people are often not aware there are so many more good sources of traffic.

Let's take a look at all sources of traffic that are capable of delivering BIG numbers of visitors to your Amazon affiliate website. These are traffic sources that scale and just bring your website more and more web traffic over time.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is typically the first method most Amazon affiliates use to try. SEO is very slow to sho initial results but if you keep it up it can be a highly scalable fairly risk free method of consistently bringing in affiliate commission. We say risk free, this is if you take the white hat way and follow the Google webmaster guidelines rather than going against them and trying black hat seo methods such as buying backlinks

Theres no black magic when it comes to being successful with SEO, here is a rough over view of the most important steps.

  • Good content - If all Amazon affiliate websites want to stand the test of time and be loved by Google they must create something of value for all their visitors. This is normally done in the form of great content. It could be great in-depth item reviews or great technical product comparisons but great content must be the foundation of all long term SEO strategies.

  • Make sure on-page SEO is perfect - Every time you finish a great piece of content you should go through it again and check you've mentioned all the your keywords, LSI variants of them, used correct H1 tags, high CTR title and description tags and alt tags on images. Theres more to good on-page SEO such as page load times etc but thats a whole other post in itself but the point we're trying to make is that apart from content quality on-page SEO is the most important part of SEO by far.

  • Then move onto off-page SEO - Once you have great content that Google and your users will love and your on-page SEO is perfect or as close as it can be its time to move onto off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is mostly backlinks, the more backlinks you have pointing to your website the higher is tends to rank on Google. However Google has said that any backlinks you obtain through an unnatural process is a violation of its webmaster guidelines. This includes buying backlinks from other websites, building public blog networks from expired domains and using link building automation tools. The only safe way to do off-page SEO is search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is simply where you reach out to other websites who might want to link to your content ask them if they'd be interested in sharing your content with their audience. Most of the time they'll simply say no or won't even bother replying but with a solid pitch and a strong resolve you'll land some nice white hat backlinks over time.

The above is a very basic introduction into SEO. We could spend hours covering the topic. The point is SEO can be very cheap giving a great ROI and scales very well so theres a reason its where most Amazon affiliates start but don't just stop there. Lets move onto some more advanced traffic sources.


Parasite SEO

Some would argue that parasite SEO is a little black hat but it can also be done in a white hat way. For anyone who doesn't know what parasite SEO is all it really means is you put your own content on strong websites that Google loves (like medium.com) that allow users to upload their content. You do this because that content will rank better on a strong aged trusted domain that has thousands of backlinks than it will on your own website. Your content you've uploaded to these parasite webpages will link back to your amazon affiliate website or directly to Amazon.

The black hat way of doing this is to submit some low quality content filled with links to your website or Amazon then point a large amount of low quality cheap backlinks at that parasite page and your content. You can get away with using low quality backlinks because google trusts the parasite domain. When we say low quality backlinks we mean, cheap public blog network links with spun content, expired web 2.0s, profile backlinks, that sort of thing. The type of links you probably wouldn't want too many of pointing to your own website.

The white hat way of doing parasite SEO is to post some excellent value packed content to your parasite SEO page, drop your websites link in a non-sales like way then do some outreach to people who might want to talk about your post on their website with the hope of naturally gaining backlinks to your parasite page.

Both of these methods work well and are a fairly safe way of driving traffic to your Amazon affiliate website.


Did you know YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet? If you do a quality YouTube video in addition to a written review for every amazon product you review then you'll soon grow an army of loyal YouTube followers.

The great thing about doing a video review of an Amazon item is people can really see what its actually like in up to 4k resolution. Thats something even Amazon can't offer and because of that your review will be trusted more, the user will know you've actually got the product and they're getting on honest review. your click through and conversion rates will reflect this level of trust.

Here are a few simple little tips for growing your YouTube audience.

  • YouTube SEO - Just like when you publish a written article on your website you should perfect the SEO of your YouTube video. This includes a video title with keywords in it matching the search term closely and tags as close to possible search terms as possible.

  • Niche video commenting - You can lso comment on other videos in your niche with a link to your own videos, however do this carefully and only make comments that actually add true value or you'll be flagged as spamming and get your YouTube account banned pretty quickly

  • Cross promotion - Reach out to some other channels in your niche and request to do some cross promotion. This can be either free as in you promote their channel and they promote yours or you could even offer to pay them for whats called a "shout out" on most social media platforms. Most people say not to approach a direct competitor but YouTube is a massive platform so theres plenty of room in most niches.

  • Playing dirty - If you want to grow you YouTube channel quickly you can always play dirty with purchased views/comments/subs for video ranking and YouTube automation software to begin with. Although doing this does not scale well and can eventually get your account banned it can work well when you are starting out to give you that boost you need for your channel to gain some momentum

  • Competitor reverse engineering - If you see a YouTube channel growing quickly check out how they're doing it. Its normally fairly easy to reverse engineer how a channel is growing. Ask people that are commenting on their videos how they found the channel and use programs like social blade. Investigate and replicate!


There are certain Amazon affiliate niches where your target audience will spend most of their lives on Facebook. If you can grow a facebook group around the same niche as your Amazon affiliate website then that's web traffic on tap. Its also great for staying up to date on a niches developments.

For example if your niche is mountain biking its easy to build a massive 10,000 big mountain biking enthusiast group by inviting members from other groups and forming good relationships in other mountain biking groups.

Remember engagement on your group posts is what makes them visible on peoples new feeds, you might often see a group admin say something like "everyone still active in this group please comment on this post". That's normally just so that post appears in peoples new feeds.

Pages are also on option for promotion of your Amazon affiliate website. Both have their pros and cons. People tend to be more active in groups than on pages however you can't amplify a groups reach with paid Facebook advertising like you can with pages.


Twitter is a great traffic source for your Amazon affiliate website because its much more of a public system then a privacy oriented system like Facebook. Interactions with strangers is almost encouraged on Twitter. If you want to reach out to someone in your niche or a potential Twitter user who might be interested in your website its very easy to. You simply search the niche and any related hash tags and you'll find hundreds of people you can reach out to.

Here's a few tips for growing a nice big Twitter following you can use to drive traffic to your Amazon affiliate website.

  • Correct hash tags - Before you start tweeting links to your website make sure you do your research about what hash tags people who are into your niche search for on Twitter

  • Hash tag jacking - This is a little grey hat but you can high jack a trending hash tag with click bait tweets linking to your website, just don't do this too often though as you might get a few tweets flagged as spam

  • Tweet or like - Once you've got a decent amount of followers you can design tweets for maximum engagement, like most social media platforms the more engagement a post/tweet gets the more visibility it will have on the platform. For example you could tweet a picture of a Nissan 370z and a Lambo and say "Which car would you rather own? Retweet for the Lambo and like the the 370z!".

  • Follow and unfollow (follow churning) - Following churning is simply where you follow a large amount of Twitter users in your niche then wait 3+ days and if they don't follow you back unfollow them. Then rinse and repeat. Careful doing this too much though, its against the Twitter terms of service and can be seen as spammy.

  • Play dirty (child/mother method) - Again like most social media platforms your Twitter presence can be automated. You can automate follow churning and tweeting with Twitter bots just be careful as this is against the Twitter terms of service. You can limit the risk by having your main account (the mother accout) only used manually and totally in line with the platforms terms of service but then have many smaller accounts (its child accounts) promote the mother account in an automated way with bots. So in theory only your small expendable child accounts should ever get banned.

  • Shout outs - Twitter is a great platform for shout outs, you can find some big Twitter accounts that will accept $100+ dollars depending on followers and promote your Twitter account for 24 hours at a time. Just make sure they have the right type of followers that will love your websites niche and also double check their own followers with something like Social Blade to make sure they are all real followers and not fake followers.

  • Don't get ghosted or shadow banned - As with all social media platforms the less you play by the rules the more likly is it you'll get your account ghosted / shadow banned. This is where your account appears fine but no one sees your actions such as tweets and follows.


Pinterest is a great platform for mainly visually stimulating products. For example you wouldn't promote pictures of circular saws on Pinterest but you would promote pictures from your Amazon affiliate website of home decoration products.

Niches like home decoration products are great because Pinterest has a HUGE female user base and people love making Pinterest boards with all the home decorations ideas they eventually want to go with.


Instagram is massive right now. If you have an Amazon affiliate website in a fun or luxury niche then instagram will be perfect for you.

Instagram grow is very similar to Twitter growth all of the above for Twitter can also be used on Instagram.

  • Correct hash tags - Same as Twitter above

  • Hash tag jacking - Same as Twitter above

  • Comment or like - Same as Twitter above

  • Follow and unfollow (follow churning) - Same as Twitter above

  • Play dirty (child/mother method) - Same as Twitter above

  • Shout outs -Same as Twitter above

  • Don't get ghosted or shadow banned - Same as Twitter above


Quora is such a good traffic source for your Amazon affiliate website that instead of listing it under the parasite SEO section we need to give it its own section.

Quora ranks like a beast on Google. Google really trusts this website. If you can add a great answer that gets voted to the top for a niche related question you can expect traffic to come through for years.

Also many people believe nofollow backlinks from strong websites like Quora actually help your website's off-page SEO. You can play fair and focus purly on quality answers and natural upvotes or you can buy accounts/upvotes and push your answers to the top.

Just make sure your answer doesn't look too spammy or you may find it quickly gets removed or even worse your Amazon affiliates domain gets banned from Quora for all answers new and existing.


Reddit users are notoriously protective of their community and see most affiliate marketers from a mile off so you'll quickly get punished with the ban hammer if you promote on the platform too aggressively.

Here are a few tips to make sure Reddit is a great long term traffic source for your Amazon affiliate website.

  • Read the subreddit rules - By reading a subreddit's rules you'll know straight away if you can post links or not and even if any sort of self promotion is tolerated

  • Add value - Rather than saying "cool post man you might like this item here" then dropping a link to your Amazon affiliate website you should try and add real value. Sometimes a subreddit mod will tolerate you self-promoting if your comment offers real value and really helps people on that subreddit.

  • Use a buffer property - A little trick you can use to avoid looking like you are just dropping a link to your own website is to use a buffer property. So you might drop a link to a Twitter profile which in turn links to your Amazon affiliate website. Or you might drop a link to a non-spammy web 2.0 property like links to your Amazon website in a very natural way.

  • Buy aged high karma accounts and act less spammy - Brand new accounts are normally heavily watched on most social media platforms including Reddit. If you create a brand new account and start dropping links you'll get your Reddit account banned and probably your domain name to. Aged accounts with existing karma (trust) can get away with a lot more. Also mix things up a little, don't just drop links to your website constantly. Post comments without links and link to websites people already know and trust.

Niche related forums

Niche related forums are a great source of traffic for any Amazon affiliate website. Many of the principles of Reddit promotion can also be applied to niche related forums too.

  • Read the forum rules - By reading a forums rules you'll know straight away if you can post links or not and even if any sort of self promotion is tolerated

  • Add value - In the same way as Reddit add value to the forums users, help them out. If you become a trusted member they might love you linking to your website eventually. Just remember to try not to appear spammy.

  • Forum signatures - Most forums allow you to add an image or a link in your signature to promote most things. Take full advantage of this, make a nice click bait signature and you'll gradually build up a decent amount of traffic as you add more and more content to the forum.

  • Forum keyword research - Tools like SEMRush allow you to see which pages on a forum are ranking for which keywords and how much search volume there are for those keywords. Find the most searched keywords and forum pages they'll land on and add your link on those forum pages. Remember value so the link sticks and the mods don't delete it!

  • Parasite that forum with two+ accounts - Here is a sneaky little tactic. You can find low volume easy keywords with little competition and find niche related forums then create two accounts, warm them up a bit first with some nice spam free posts then ask a question such as "where can I buy a cheap wireless gaming mouse from?" then use your other forum account to answer it with "I always read the review on YourAmazonGamingWebsite.com". But of course add more value than that so it doesn't look spammy. Google will trust this forum so the forum thread you've just created will rank by well by itself.

Paid traffic

Nearly all the traffic sources above have some form of paid option. You can buy banner space on niche related forums, you can buy Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Reddit ads, Insta ads but they typically don't return a posative return on investment for most Amazon affiliate websites.


We hope you've enjoyed reading our guide to Amazon affiliate traffic sources. As you can see you don't have to restrict yourself to search engine optimisation. There are many many alternative traffic sources for you to choose from.

If you feel like this post would help other Amazon affiliates we'd love a share!

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