Black Hat Content Creation For Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Black Hat Content Creation For Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Before we begin its absolutely critical to stress that the methods below are highly dangerous for your Amazon affiliate websites and we're not recommending you use any of these methods in any shape or form. If you do its at your own risk.

Copying live content from other websites

This is the most risky black hat method to generate content. It's risky, its illegal and its immoral. But hey...this is internet marking so many people are doing it.

When you copy live content from existing websites it will be considered duplicate content in the eyes of Google so it won't rank very well unless you boost it up with some very strong backlinks.

Then there is the obvious risk of lawsuits, being deindexed by Google for "thin content" or Amazon banning your website. This is the most risky black hat content generation method by far.

Spinning quality content

A slightly less risky method is to find high quality content thats ranking well and "spin" it. For those of you that don't know what spinning content is it simply means replacing words with other words that have an identical meaning.

Let's take a normal sentence and spin it.

I think pizza is amazing and I'm really excited about eating one later!

I reckon pizza is great and I'm stoked about scoffing one later!

As you can see in the eyes of Google the content is different however to a human reader it has the same meaning. This content will be treated as unique by Google so will ranking accordingly.

You can buy spinning software such as WordAI or use free online ones but like all software their quality is reflected in their price tag.

Machine generated content

Software is available that will use methods such as markov chains to automatically build content. You typically give it some seed terms and it will go off and build you content in the background. Although this content will be 100% unique it will ready very poorly and Google will see this as spam and probably give you a "pure spam" penalty and deindex your website.

Copying content from expired domains

Domain names expire all the time and when they do their content also goes with them. There is a black hat opportunity to pull these websites and their content back from systems that keep old caches of websites such as the WayBack machine and then use it as your own. There are legal issues here again but the content will rank well as in the eyes on Google its unique.

Software is available that will take keywords then search the WayBack machine for content related to these keywords.

Using content from other languages

If you find a great blog or website that has content in a different language for example French. They take this french content and run it through Google translate to give decent readable unique English content. Is this still copyright infringement? Probably yes. Will this content rank ok, probably yes.

Some people even use Google translate as a spinning tool by putting content through it then converting it to another language and then back again. Would this rank OK, probably. But like most spinning methods it would not pass a manual Google review and could get your Amazon affiliate website banned from Amazon.

Video subtitles

Software exists that will strip out the subtitles from video website such as YouTube and Vimeo and then present it you in a useable format so you can upload it as a blog post to your website. It will require some editing to pass a manual Google review and again its still technically copyright infringement but that doesn't stop black hatters from using this method to generate boat loads of content.

PDF books

Although Google does index PDF books not all PDF books are available to Google to index. If you can find a cache of PDF books that Google hasn't indexed then they should be classed as unique content by Google. Again its copyright infringement though.

Audio / Podcasts

Most podcasts are transcribed by their creators however not all are. If you can find a source of podcasts (or any other audio files with speech in) that have not been transcribed and had that transcription published then that's a great source of unique keyword rich content for your website. Careful though, again it would be classed as copyright infringement.


We hope you've enjoyed reading how black hatters generate content for their Amazon affiliate websites. Please keep in mind all these methods are very risky and we don't recommend you use ANY of them or you risk getting your website banned from Google and the Amazon affiliate program.

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