Find All Broken Amazon Affiliate Links Pointing To Moved 404 Items

Find All Broken Amazon Affiliate Links Pointing To Moved 404 Items

Every Amazon affiliate website owner knows that once you start to create a large amount of content its a nightmare making sure all your Amazon affiliate links are working properly.

Over time many items Amazon stock themselves and items sold through third party sellers move to a new URL (web address) when this happens the old one is often not 301 redirected it simply displays a unfriendly 404 item not found message to the user.

Obviously when you produce great content on your Amazon affiliate website and the user spends time reading it and becoming interested in the Amazon item only to click your Amazon affiliate link to be given a 404 item not found error its very frustrating for both you and the user.

The user has wasted time researching this item on your website and you've missed out on the commission from the sale.

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Let's take a look at a popular Amazon affiliate website Own The Yard owned by Niche Pursuits.

Here is a summary of the website's scan.

moved items summary

Here is a list of the website's moved (404) items. You can see it has 24 links that show a 404 error when clicked.

list of moved items

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