Find All Amazon Affiliate Links Pointing To Unavailable Amazon Items

Find All Amazon Affiliate Links
Pointing To Unavailable Amazon Items

Growing an Amazon affiliate website is a challenging task in itself. With all methods of gaining traffic there is heavy competition.

From SEO to Social. Generating this traffic costs time or money.

The big mistake many Amazon affiliate website owners make is that they drive traffic to their website's but don't check all their Amazon affiliate links are working correctly.

The main reason most Amazon affiliate website owners don't do this is simple. It's an extremely time consuming task. If you have 200 articles each with an average of 3 products and 3 links for each product that's almost 2,000 links to Amazon on your website you'd have to check manually.

Nobody has time to manually undertake that task. So most website owners simply let all their Amazon links degrade in quality resulting in them losing more and more commission as their website gets bigger and bigger.

This is where our solution comes in.

AMZ Link Checker can scan your entire website checking each Amazon affiliate link for any issues. Such as unavailable items, out of stock items, poorly reviewed items, moved 404 items, incorrect Amazon affiliate tag issues and more.

Let's take a look at a popular Amazon affiliate website Own The Yard owned by Niche Pursuits and see how many of their Amazon affiliate links are pointing to items on Amazon that are unavailable.

Here is a summary of the website's scan.

unavailable items summary

Here is a list of the website's links pointing to unavailable items.

You can see it has 91 links that show the item as unavailable on Amazon when clicked.

list of unavailable items

We hope you can see the value in being able to find all these links pointing to unavailable items so quickly with our system.

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