8 Clickbait Page Titles For Your Amazon Affiliate Website (Max CTR)

8 Clickbait Page Titles For Your Amazon Affiliate Website
Max Your Click Through Rate From Google

Everybody who's an Amazon affiliate knows the more traffic you get the more money you make. It's just basic maths.

When people enter their keyword into Google such as "best toasters". They are obviously shown a large selection of results. You might be at number three in the results but with a great page title you can get that click and boost your traffic.

Obviously your page title will depend on what keywords you are targeting but for broad keywords such as "toasters" the example below can give you some seriously high click through rates.

So, let's look at some eye catching page titles you can use on your Amazon affiliate websites to increase your click through rate from Google and rocket your traffic!

The use of numbers in of page titles

Time and time again the use of item counts in page titles has shown to improve click through rates from Google. For example

"The 7 Best Toasters of 2019" is more likely to out perform "The Best Toasters Of 2019" when displayed in the Google search results.

We can only guess at the users psychology here but its probably due to the users feeling confident there is going to be a good comparison of Amazon products due to the comparison count being displayed in the page title.

The classic "best" of page titles

The "best of" page titles are one of the most popular for obvious reasons. A user is always going to want to see the "best" items available before they see the prices. This page title also invokes a positive feeling which normally results in a higher click through rate from Google to your website.

Top page titles

The "top" word is very similar to the "best" keyword when used in page titles. It invokes a positive feeling and lets the user know they are going to see Amazon items that are only of the highest quality.

Scary page titles "Don't buy a toaster till you read THIS"

Were going a little bit grey hat here now. But page titles that scare the users into clicking them can be very effective at increasing your click through rate from Google to your Amazon affiliate website if done correctly.

The classic scary page title example is "Don't buy X item until you read THIS" then you can simply list some of the common faults of the item and provide the user with possible buying options.

Year page titles "Top toasters of 2019"

Another very simple page title to use is to add the year. This is great for two reasons. Firstly it only takes up an additional four characters at the end of your existing page title (five if you include the space needed).

Secondly buyers like to get the latest information available to them about Amazon items so they can make the most informed decision when they come to buy an item. If they see the current year in the page title they'll know the information is up to date.

If you are confident the information about an item isn't going to change much year to year a simple little trick you can use is to add something into your website that automatically inserts the current year into the page title. So the second the 1st of January comes all your years in your page titles automatically change.

Here is some JavaScript that will do this <script>document.write(new Date().getFullYear())</script>

You can also do this server side as well in PHP for example <?php echo date("Y"); ?>

Curiosity page titles "See the toasters celebs are buying right now"

Curiosity page titles are always a great way to help boost your websites SERP click through rate. You should customise them for your audience though. For example if your audience/traffic is mostly young female then you could use something like "See the one brand of toasters celebs will buy".

Or if its a very male orientated Amazon product you could say "See the one gun stock REAL men buy". You want them to WANT to know what that item is. Then once you've got them on your website with your amazing high CTR page title you can promote various Amazon items to them.

Price range page titles "Best toasters for under $50"

Price ranges are a great way to target long tail keywords. But they can also be used to entice normal broad keywords that don't mention prices. Just be careful you don't set a price range that may discourage users.

Guide page titles "Ultimate guide to buyer a toaster"

Buying guides are great for Amazon items that require some research before buying. This may be because the item is expensive and buyers don't want to rush and feel like they have to make an informed decision. Or it could just be because the item is complex in its nature and its easy to order the wrong item.

Titles that suggest your guide is better than the other guides on the Google results are often used. For example "Ultimate" or "In-depth" or "One stop" or "Expert".

Social reinforcement page titles "The toasters everyone is buying in 2019"

People in general want an easy life. If they see other people doing what they think is a good idea they'll just copy what they're doing. You can take advantage of this fact by using words in your page titles that imply most people are buying a particular item.

For example "The toasters that EVERYONE is buying in 2019" gives the users the feeling that if they click this link they can buy the same toaster everyone else is buying and if everyone else is buying it then it must be good.

You can also use customer reviews with a social reinforcement strategy. For example "This toaster has 5/5 on Amazon with 2,303 reviews!".

Gender based page titles "See the cute animal toasters woman are buying like mad"

Gender targeted page titles can increase your click through rate from Google massively if done correctly. If you are certain the majority of your traffic for a keyword is one gender only then you can make some great high CTR page titles.

Some examples might be "Why women only buy this lipstick now" or "Why woman have fallen in love with this lipstick" or "Why men always love with this lipstick".

Expertise based page titles "After 50 years of diving experience I only buy this brand of diving gear"

People trust experts. We put our lives in the hands of experts everyday. When people see a page title that implies the content was written by an expert they feel they can trust rather than some anonymous website owner who they have zero knowledge of. How do they know you are qualified to recommend which Amazon item they should be buying? They don't unless you show them how you are qualified.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide to increasing your click through rate from Google to your Amazon affiliate website. One final tip but critical tip most Amazon affiliate website owners forget about is to always remember to split test your pages titles. Let one page title get 1000 impressions and record its click through rate then change the pages title and let it get another 1000 impressions and compare CTR again.

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