How To Drive Social Media Traffic To Your Amazon Affiliate Website

How To Drive Social Media Traffic To
Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Search engine optimisation can take a huge amount of time to pay off. It can take months before you start seeing real traffic to your blog or website. You can start generating social media traffic instantly if you know the little tricks. It always a delicate balance between spamming and marketing. In this post we'll cover all the major social media platforms and how you can drive traffic from them.

Driving Traffic From Facebook To Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Facebook is the largest social media marketing platform on the planet by far. The potential to drive targeted high converting web traffic to your Amazon affiliate website is massive. This is instant traffic we're talking about too. Let's cover some simple strategies you can start using instantly.

  • Facebook groups - Facebook groups are a great way of driving Facebook traffic to your Amazon affiliate website. The trick is to find very niche related groups and share your websites content in a way that does not look promotional. People can be very protective of Facebook groups they've built up over the years and they're often on guard. A good example of how to sneakily promote your website's links without getting your domain or Facebook account banned would be something like the following

    "Hey guys, I've been reading this article here and it's saying the BackHelper 5000 is the best product because of how it realigns your spin. But my doctor has said to be careful. What would you guys do? Should I trust this?"

    This style of link dropping in Facebook groups look less like you are promoting your website because you are asking about the credibility of the website. You are also encouraging users to comment on your link and engagement like this causes the Facebook algorithm to show your group post on more people's new feed.

  • Facebook direct messaging - Direct messaging users can work but its a tricky method. Its not very scalable with just one account however if you own a Facebook bot, VPS and 100 Facebook accounts it can work. You just have to be careful not to get your domain banned by Facebook.

  • Niche related big pages - You can find some pages in your niche and comment on their shares, again you should do this in a way that doesn't look like you are promoting your product.

  • Build it yourself - Even if there are already Facebook groups in your niche you can still build your own. Join other related groups and invite members to your own group. Offer them some real value in your group posts and you'll start to build an active community pretty quickly.

Driving Traffic From Twitter To Your Amazon Affiliate Website

While Twitter might not be as big as Facebook its still a huge platform and what makes Twitter even better is that its easier to reach out to people on Twitter. Everyone is publicly accessible and you are able to market to them with ease. Let's take a look at how you could generate traffic with Twitter.

  • Twitter follow churning - This method can be done manually but its normally done with a bot to automate the process. Follow churning is simply when you follow Twitter users then unfollow them a few days after if they don't follow you back. If you follow/unfollow several hundred people per day you can quickly create a large audience to promote your Amazon affiliate website to.

  • Twitter list inviting - This little trick is where you find a large niche related account with plenty of followers then add people to a niche related Twitter list such as "back pain sufferers". They'll get a notification when you add them and they might check out your content.

  • Twitter direct messaging - Direct messaging can work on Twitter but again its very aggressive so there is a high probability your accounts will get banned and it doesn't scale very well compared to follow churning.

Driving Traffic From Pinterest To Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Pinterest is a great platform if you are promoting a product that is visually appealing such as cool clothes or even just home furniture. You can create your own boards or and repin other peoples content. If also has a very high level of female usage which is perfect for some niches.

Driving Traffic From YouTube To Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Not many people know what the world's second largest search engine is. Most will say Bing or even Yahoo. But I bet you didn't know its YouTube? YouTube is a massively popular website. So lets take a look at some ways you can drive traffic from YouTube to your Amazon affiliate website.

  • Link dropping - Link dropping on YouTube can work very well but it has to be done right. When most accounts comment on a video with a link its put under review. Its then up to the owner to ignore it, mark it as spam or approve it. If its marked as spam too many times your domain will get blacklisted and your YouTube account might get banned. So its all about how you comment that link on the video. If you do it in a way that adds value your link could be there for years on a video with million of views. This could generate you some serious traffic.

  • Video uploading - Another option is to simply start creating quality videos and adding a link to your Amazon affiliate website in the videos description. Over time your YouTube channel will grow and you'll get more and more views on your videos and in turn more clicks on your description link to your website.

  • Unmonetized videos - Many people upload videos that go viral without and intention of making money from them. If you can find these videos (there is software out there that does this) and offer the video owners an incentive to place your websites link in their videos description this can generate you some serious YouTube traffic to your website. Some of these videos have millions of views that no one is cashing in on!

Driving Traffic From Quora To Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Quora is the worlds most popular question and answer website. Every thousands of questions are asked and thousands of questions are answered by experts. Because of this it ranks very well for long tail keywords. For example you could rank for a search for "best lawn feeder for american grass" by creating a good Quora question and answer alone with no backlinks. Let's cover a few of the basic methods people use to drive traffic from Quora to their website.

  • Basic question answering - The most basic method of Quora traffic generation is to find genuine Quora questions and answer them with real value packed answers and work your link in so it doesn't look too spammy.

  • Create the question and answers - A sneaky little method many people use is to make several Quora accounts and ask niche related questions that are perfect for a answer that contains a link to your amazon Affiliate website.

  • Boost your answer with up votes - A more advanced little trick is to submit your answer than up vote it with several other accounts. Some people use 10 others use 100. If you add enough up votes then your answer will rank above all the other Quora answers so your link will get more clicks and your website will get more traffic.

Driving Traffic From Reddit To Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Reddit can generate huge amounts of traffic if your website hits the front page. You can even generate big traffic if your link becomes popular in a well targeted subreddit. However reddit users are notoriously protective of their subreddits. Anyone who is seen as promoting their website will get an instant ban. Let's see how you can promote your websites link without getting that ban hammer.

  • Commenting on other users links - If a Reddit user is asking for product recommendations or more information about a niche and you happen to have an article that answers those questions with real value then drop that link. If you are helping others you'll get away with it.

  • Posting your link to a subreddit - You can post your website's link directly to a sub reddit if you do it correctly. Again something like this will normally work "Guys, this dude is saying the MX22 skateboard is crap but my mates have told me its amazing. Is he totally wrong? ". As you can see this doesn't look very promotional and encourages users to click the link to be able to answer your questions.

  • Using reddit up votes - With both Reddit and Quora you can buy up votes to boost your link or comments above others which in turn gains it more exposure and traffic to your website. You can make accounts yourself and user private proxies so the up votes come from different IP addresses or you can buy them from internet marketing forums, Fiverr or UpWork.


We hope you've enjoyed reading our post on how to drive social media traffic to your Amazon affiliate website. As you can see the basic point here is that if you create social posts with value you'll gain much more traffic than if you spam your link around. You can also buy up votes on many platforms to super charge your efforts. Social media traffic is a great way to generate near instant traffic. Its a bit of an art at first but stick to it and it'll pay off.

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