How To Make Money With Parasite Web Pages And Amazon Affiliates

How To Make Money With Parasite
Web Pages And Amazon Affiliates

In this post we discuss how you can make use of the amazing domain authority (trust) of powerful websites like medium and github have to create parasite pages you can monitise with Amazon affiliates both directly and indirectly.

A parasite web page is simply when you create your own web page on an already highly trusted website such as In the eyes on Google your own content you add will be trusted as it will be seen as medium's content and because its trusted it will be ranked accordingly.

Let's dive deeper into how we can make these super high ranking parasite web pages.

How to pick a high ranking website for a parasite web page

To start making use of parasite web pages the first thing you need to do is pick a website that is highly trusted by Google and allows you to create your own content on its domain. It's important that you pick a parasite host that allows you to create content on its domain and not its subdomain.

Subdomains such as and used to work as Google used to trust any subdomain that belonging to a strong parent domain, however in recent years they've really caught on to this and fresh web 2.0s as they are known most commonly no long rank well.

Below is a list of strong parasites you can start creating content on right now.

  • GitHub
  • Medium
  • AWS and GCP Storage buckets
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Niche related forums

While the list above is great, its good to learn how to find these parasite websites yourself. The easiest way to do this is to simply check the niches where people commonly make use of parasite websites. Here are some slightly spammy niches where people often use parasites.

  • Game hacks - "Unlimited clash of clans hacks"
  • Pharmaceuticals - "Buy cheap viagra online"
  • Cannabis - "Buy cannabis online"

As you can see the more spammy a niche is the more likely there are to be parasite webpages.

You can see for the very lucrative keyword of "clash of clans hack gems" a parasite webpage is ranking number 5 on the first page of Google. You can see the appeal of this type of ranking method. It's quick and dirty, its a classic churn and burn. Its not long term but you'll make money from it.

A good parasite should have the following qualities.

  • Ability to add your own content at of least 500 words so Google can work out the topic of the webpage

  • High authority domain, MOZ DA of over 70 / Ahrefs DR of over 70

  • Ability to add outbound backlinks to websites

  • Lightly moderated - if a platform is too heavily moderated your content may be removed and your accounts banned on your chosen platform

  • Unmonitored backlink profile - if you plan to boost your parasite webpage with backlinks (we'll cover this in more details shortly) then a website that doesn't actively monitor its backlink profile is a bonus as its unlijly to draw attention to your content

How to add your content

So now you know which high ranking parasite you are going to create lets take a look at how you add content in the most effective way.

  • Accounts - If you make a brand new account on one of these platforms and start adding content straight away the chances are one of the moderators will be checking every word you add. This is fine if you've created valuable content that has your links placed in a non-spammy way. However if you are using spun or poor quality content you'll have your account shutdown pretty quickly. Sometimes its best on heavily moderated places like Reddit to buy aged accounts that also have whatever metrics they use for account quality included. For example on Reddit its karma.

  • Content - As we touched on above quality content will stand the best of time. It normally also ranks higher on Google than spun poor quality content. Quality content will pass a moderators review and also won't be flagged by other members of the community as spam.

  • Link placement - The aim of a parasite webpage is to get people off that page and through to your own website or affiliate link. How you place your link in the parasite content can make a huge difference. A spamnmy looking link to a spammy looking website in spammy looking poor content will get hardly any clicks unless its for a niche where people are desperate like UFC free streams. An engaging piece of content with a link that looks like its adding genuine value to the reader will also drive more traffic. An example of this might be a post about back pain. Something along the lines of "This cheap back pain pill solved me back pain in just 3 days!" vs "How I solved my backpain and changed my life for the better" will always drive less traffic. Try and invest the time into writing good quality content will natural looking links to your website or affiliate link.

Increase the position of your parasites in the Google search results

Once you've added your content to your parasite webpage wait a few weeks for it to settle in the Google rankings and for it to pass any form of moderation and community spam flagging. Once you know its safe you can start adding backlinks to it if you want it to get even more traffic. Because the donmain is trusted by Google you can get away with using poor quality but strong backlinks. I wouldn't GSA SER blast it as this will draw a huge amount of attention to the page but something along the lines of decent homepage public blog network link would be perfect. Again remember if these backlinks are checked by the website owners then the higher the quality of the PBN the more likely they are to be seen as not spammy and risk getting your parasite webpage removed.

Heres a few types of links that you could build

  • Fresh web 2.0 but these are quite weak
  • Expired web 2.0s such as Tumblr and Overblog
  • Your own private blog network
  • Buy links on a public blog network
  • Guest posts
  • Blog comments
  • High DA profile backlinks

How to use parasite webpages with Amazon affiliate Websites

Now you know how to select and create a parasite webpage and then boost it up the SERPs even more with your own backlinks lets take a look at how you can use this blackhat SEO method to earn through Amazon affiliates.

  • Linking directly to Amazon items with your Amazon affiliate link - This is a little risky because Amazon needs to approve your websites and if they check your traffic and see its coming from some random spammy parasite they might ban your Amazon account

  • Linking to your own website then redirecting the user to an Amazon item - This has the advantage of the traffic appearing to come from your own website but it has the disadvantage of you linking to your own website rather than Amazon from the parasite webpage. Sometimes this can look a little more spammy.

  • Linking to your own website with no redirect - If you have good content on your parasite and your webpage also has good content that offers value to your readers then you can can normally get away with linking to your own website's Amazon item review page


Hopefully you can see how powerful websites with high domain authority can be used to piggyback up the SERPs and place your content in high positions in front of users. Throw some Amazon affiliate links in there and you'll be banking in no time!

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