Interview With Amazon Affiliate Fabian - Sleep Improvement Niche

Interview With Amazon Affiliate Fabian
In The Sleep Improvement Niche

Interview With Amazon Affiliate Fabian In The Sleep Improvement Niche

Welcome everyone to another AMZ Link Checker blog interview. We talk to real amazon affiliates that are ranking and banking just like you. In this interview we talk to Fabian who's running a website in the sleep improvement niche. He's got some great tips on link building!

Welcome to our humble little blog. Firstly can you tell us a bit about your self?

I’m 25 years old currently living in western Europe. I like to go to the gym, the movies and binge-watch from time to time (disappointed by last season of got)

Tell us about your website and don't worry there's no shame in a little self-promotion here!

I am in the sleep improvement niche with my site Napseason. In January of the year 2017, the first post was published on my site. I started the site with the intent of answering questions people have about sleep and to provide guides regarding sleeping products.

What made you decide to start an Amazon affiliate website?

I had the luck of being around groups of people who introduced me to this world. At first, I just told people I was learning HTML and CSS so I could make a portfolio site for myself. One day A friend showed me his site and I didn’t understand anything about it. It was just a site talking about products, why did you create this? After hearing that he was doing affiliate marketing I got into it.

Is this your first Amazon affiliate website or are you fairly experienced at this?

No. Not my second, not my third. I believe this is my fourth site. That is not saying I got four sites like Napseason. The first three were failures. Those failures provided valuable knowledge I used for the fourth project. The first site about a tea extract was way too niched down. The niche was too small to grow. And ranking proved to be more difficult than I thought. Crazy to say this because I started Theaninezone around 2013-2014 the time easy link building methods were possible.

In this your full-time income or do you have a 9-5 too?

I just finished an internship and now I will fully work Napseason and try to start another project.

Do you have any other online ventures currently running?

No. But I intend to.

What do you feel is the best quality of your website?

It used to be content that no one else answered. I did my keyword research very extensively. And when I began I created a lot of does .. cause insomnia articles. I included things like medicines, foods, alcohol. And because I was the only one answering this, I could easily rank number 1 for those posts. Even later on when others tried to copy my articles I stayed number one because others were giving me backlinks or shared it on social media. But the google Medic update killed a lot of that for me. Now you will only see sites that have “authority” rank for such articles. Now I would say the best quality is that the site is white hat.

Where does most of your traffic come from?

As said above my site is white hat. Most of the traffic comes from SEO. I used the guestographics method to get my site noticed on the internet. I created this foods for sleep infographic and started emailing sites If they wanted to have it featured on their blog. If they said yes they would get the infographic linking it back to my site. I wrote it very shortly and therefore it may seem simple, but do not underestimate this a lot of time goes into researching the infographic topic, designing it, researching blogs to email, emailing all of them. It is a lot of work and since I now know what it takes to do this, I might consider outsourcing this in the future. If you want to do this, I recommend you go to [Backlinko] since he explains how to do it in detail.

If you do have a decent social following how did you grow it?

I don't have a decent social media following. Because this was beyond my expertise. And I would recommend most people to start with just one focus. Do not try to get traffic from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and SEO. It will overwhelm you. Don’t be a jack of all trades but a master of none. Be good at one thing and when you feel comfortable move on to the next thing.

Have you ever had a Google penalty? If so what for and did you manage to fix it?

I never got hit by a Google penalty.

How do you plan to grow your website going forward?

Since my internship, I kinda slacked and competitors have taken over my spots in the rankings. I intend to climb the ladder. By doing more outreach. I will also try to attract a new set of audience via social media. I am currently looking into YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest. I might choose one to focus on and grow an audience.

Do you outsource any tasks? If so which ones?

I always recommend people to first do things on their own to understand what steps need to be taken. If you know you can do it and you know the quality, you produce than you can outsource it and measure the value that is being delivered. That said I outsource the infographic design and the articles. Most of my articles are around 1000 words longs. I use the platform Upwork to test a lot of writers in the beginning and stick with the writers who perform the best. I also used Upwork for the infographic design. But with the knowledge, I have now I would rather have used Freelancer and their contest feature. With their contest feature, you put multiple designers up against each other and you choose the best design.

Have you ever been banned from the Amazon affiliate program, if so what for?


Do you feel its important to be passionate about your chosen niche or do you think great content can be created either way?

It helps but does not let it be a deal-breaker, because you will be excluding a lot of niches by doing so.

What do you wish you'd know now because you started your website?

I followed Backlinko’s method for guestographics. In his method of outreach he never asks for a link in the first email it is a two-step email. You start with I got a cool infographic about … do you wanna see it. This is supposed to be a lower barrier of interest cause you aren’t asking much and if he said yes then you could ask for the link. I did this and it is a hassle for both parties some just don’t answer others ask why I’m doing the two-step email. I learned by just being upfront in the first email people reply more favorably. So I introduce them to the infographic and ask if they want to put it on their site.

Our reader's love stats. Would you be willing to share any?

Sure here are some stats from my site
Articles: 42
Average content length: 1000
Amazon earnings: $1,800 per month
Amazon conversion rates: 5%

Do you have an exit strategy?

I do not have an exit strategy, I also do not feel the need to sell the site at the moment. But if you ask me for what months earnings I would sell it, I would use the norm of 48 months.

And finally is there anything else you feel like your fellow Amazon affiliates would benefit from knowing?

Designing, building the site and the articles and all the other start-up things are 10% of the work. Ranking your site is 90% of the work.

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