Interview with Amazon affiliate Ryan in home niche $1000/PM

Interview with Amazon affiliate Ryan
in home niche $1000/PM

Interview with Amazon affiliate Ryan in home niche $1000/PM'

In this interview we talk with Amazon affiliate Ryan who's website is in the home niche, he's currently doing $1000+ per month and has big plans for the future of his website.

Welcome to our humble little blog. Firstly can you tell us a bit about your self?

Hi, my name is Ryan, I am 29. I am from the Baltics, Europe. In 2016 I found one local IM forum and there was a lot of information about affiliate marketing. It was all outdated (info from 2011-2013 and forum had almost no activity) but it was still interesting for me as all information was new to me. So I started my first website soon.

Tell us about your website and don't worry there's no shame in a little self-promotion here!

My website is in a quite small niche under the Home & Kitchen category. I opened it in May 2016 and actually I didn't know what to expect at all. I wrote all the articles myself and that took a lot of time. But I was excited because I finally was doing something online. It was hard at the beginning because I didn't know anything about how to make websites, what's SEO, etc. Learned everything step by step using Google search.

What made you decide to start an Amazon affiliate website?

In the beginning, it wasn't an Amazon affiliate website. I used other sources. I remade my website during June 2018 after the recommendations of a friend. That was a good decision because soon after switching to Amazon my earnings started to grow.

Is this your first Amazon affiliate website or are you fairly experienced at this?

First one. Before this website, the only thing I was doing online was penny stock trading for a half a year. It didn't go well because I couldn't get the best tools I wanted (they were available only for US citizens), also I didn't have large starting capital. I earned something but spent all on trading platform costs and other unnecessary tools and ended without profits and without loss.

Is this your full-time income or do you have a 9-5 too?

I work a full-time job as an engineer.

Do you have any other online ventures currently running?

Yes, I am running a few dropshipping websites and they are earning more than my Amazon affiliate website. That's also one of the reasons why I didn't work much with my affiliate website. I saw more potential in dropshipping. But since I started to see earnings from my Amazon affiliate website I started to work more on it. Also, a small side project which made me some money (and still earning some) is my e-book.

What do you feel is the best quality of your website?

I don't know. Probably all together - content, SEO.

Where do most of your traffic come from?

Almost 100% organic from Google.

Any little SEO tips you think Amazon affiliates would benefit from?

Just need to do everything step by step, all little things. For example, in the beginning, I didn't know what is alt tag so later I had to add them to all my images. Also, don't write about features, write about benefits and your articles will be good naturally.

If you do have a decent social following how did you grow it?

I have a bit more than 3k Twitter followers, 13k Instagram followers but the activity is bad because I used automatic tools to gain followers, also the niche is not very good for social platforms.

In terms of SEO are you a white hat or a black hat?

Both. I am building links slowly to make them look natural.

Have you ever had a Google penalty? If so what for and did you manage to fix it?

I haven't had any penalties.

How do you plan to grow your website going forward?

There are hundreds of good keywords out there, and a ton of topics I could write about. Of course, I need more backlinks. So basically I need more articles and backlinks. I am thinking of making new websites but I don't have much free time currently.

Do you outsource any tasks? If so which ones?

Yes, article writing. I don't like writing, also my English isn't perfect so I like to outsource this task.

Have you ever been banned from the Amazon affiliate program, if so what for?

No, I have not.

Do you feel its important to be passionate about your chosen niche or do you think great content can be created either way?

I don't think you need to be passionate. At least I am not and have never been with my niche.

What do you wish you'd know now because you started your website? Hard to answer. Just to had more money to outsource content writing sooner maybe. Probably more in-depth keyword research. Our reader's love stats. Would you be willing to share any?

Sure. Amazon conversion rate was 9,7% in August and 14.54% in September. Average in 2019 until today is 8%. Website traffic currently about 2k users, 17k page views during the last 90 days. Bounce rate last 90 days 0.49% Average article length 1200 words, a total of 165 articles, published words 205k.

Feel free to decline this question because its a little sensitive but would you be willing to share your rough earnings the site is making you per month?

Earnings are climbing and hopefully, soon I will cross $1k/month.

Do you have an exit strategy?

I haven't thought about that. I like the passive income and I also like the thought that I could get larger amount of money in my bank account right away. Anyway, not going to sell it now.

And finally is there anything else you feel like your fellow Amazon affiliates would benefit from knowing?

Never stop. Just continue to work on your projects and you will succeed. Also, you don't need any experience to begin. I started as a white sheet and learned by doing. And don't spend your time reading what gurus are saying or buying courses - a waste of time and money. You can find all the information free on the internet and most of the things you will learn by doing. Cheers.

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