The Sneaky Amazon Affiliate Black Hat Method Making People Thousands

The Sneaky Amazon Affiliate Black Hat
Method Making People Thousands

WARNING: The first thing we want to say here is that this is a BLACK HAT METHOD.

Meaning if you do this you will probably (at some point) get your Amazon affiliate account banned so we strongly advise against this.

However its always interesting seeing what other Amazon affiliates are doing to make an income so we thought we'd share this method with our blog readers.

So now we've got the warning out of the way lets get into what these slippery but ingenious characters are getting up to!

It's no secret that some big companies order off Amazon. If you are a prime member next day delivery for a business is great, having a new hard drive or a new UPS part can save your business thousands of dollars.

We first saw this method in the wild on one of our websites over a year ago but didn't take much notice because we didn't see the scale and profitability of it at the time.

The method itself is fairly simple. Let's walk you through the steps.

  • A web crawler is created that crawls from site to site building a huge database of websites

  • It then appears to take the keywords from the homepage of the website and finds some matching (or same niche) items on Amazon, probably using the Amazon Product API

  • The crawler then submits a message on the website's contact form saying something like this "Hey, do you have anything like this Please forward to buyers"

  • The owner of the website will normally click the Affiliate link because they'll automatically trust Amazon and they'll want to see the item, once they do the 24 hour cookie is dropped

  • If that business buys anything through Amazon in the next 24 hours the affiliate gets his commission from the sale

Most of the time the business probably won't buy anything off Amazon within the 24 hour cookie window however if you have a database of over a million websites you can frequently submit these types of contact form messages to you can see how you can soon start to make some big money.

Also the type of orders businesses make are typically much larger than the type of orders home users will make from Amazon. You can get thousands in commission from some orders...

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