11 Tips For Selling Your Amazon Affiliate Website At The Best Price

11 Tips For Selling Your Amazon Affiliate Website At A Great Price

#1 Gain Maximum Exposure For Your Website

Its simple logic that the more people who see you are selling your Amazon affiliate website, the more interest it will generate and the more offers you will receive. Which nearly always converts to a higher sale price.

Here are just a few places you can connect with people who might want to buy your website.

There are numerous websites that act as sale brokers. People browse these websites daily looking for great websites like yours to buy. Flippa, Empire Flippers, feinternational are all great places to start.

Social media
There are many social media platforms where you can post websites for sale. Facebook groups are great, Reddit too.

SEO / Internet marketing forums
Places like Black Hat World and warrior forum are a great places to find other webmasters to might be interested in buying your website.

#2 Looking for a quick sale?

If you are looking for a quick sale your best bet is to sell your website through an auction. While you'll probably get less money than if you were to sell directly to a buyer and wait for the perfect price. However an auction style sale on an established platform like Flippa ensures you get good exposure and a quick sale. There are even times when the thrill of the auction bidding can cause buyers to over pay for your website. Which is great news for you!

#3 Looking for the best price?

Typically unless a bidding war kicks off you'll get less money on an auction site like Flippa than if you were to take your time and find the perfect buyer who can see the potential your website has. You'll also cut out any seller fees that the marketplace/auction site has.

#4 Make Buyers See The Potential

So we've covered where you can sell your Amazon affiliate website, now lets talk about its marketing. Its essential that you make the buyer see the full potential of the website so they can justify the price you are asking for it.

Here are just a few things you might want to highlight in a websites sale description or pitch to a potential buyer. Seasons
If its a website that sells a seasonal item and you are yet to hit the peak sale dates for these items make sure that's made obvious in the sale pitch and try to give an approximate figure for what the peak earnings will be.

Email list
If you have an email list but you are not actively marketing to it make sure this is stated.

Website expansion
If there are other items/niches that your Amazon affiliate website can easily expand into make sure they are listed so the buyer can clearly see how they could invest more money into the website and expand into these other areas.

Google traffic
If you are seeing a clear climb in organic (SEO) traffic to the website you are selling make sure you include screenshots of your Google analytics and highlight this trend and the strategy you are using to achieve this so the buyer can purchase your website and continue your strategy to carry on increasing traffic to the website.

Social traffic
The same goes for social traffic generation. If there is a clear upwards trend highlight this and the strategy you are using so the buyer can continue this.

#5 Quick Website Improvements

Often webmasters want to sell their Amazon affiliate website simply because they've moved onto other projects. If you are coming to sell your website because its become "unloved" if there are any quick wins it can often be worth it.

Here are a few examples of quick wins which can make a difference to a sale price.

Website appearance
Your Amazon affiliate website is probably on WordPress, lets face it most are and there are great reasons for that. WordPress allows you to make global changes (changed to all pages very quickly). One example of this and also a quick win is to buy a premium theme. Although WordPress comes with free themes most of them are very ugly. Buying a reasonably priced nice looking WordPress theme can really help your website get noticed by potential buyers.

Website speed
Now speed is a Google ranking factor its worth installing a plugin that speeds up your WordPress installation. There are free versions and they take less than a minute to install and configure.

SSL certificate
Again SSL is now a ranking factor so installing an SSL certificate can give you a slight boost just be aware rankings ca n dance around after changes like this.

#6 Give Accurate Financials For Buyers To Make Informed Decisions

Buyers will want to see the obvious revenue (total website earnings) and costs to see the profit the website makes. However a detailed breakdown of all the costs and different revenue streams will have the buyer make a much more informed and confident decision.

When we say additional revenue streams we mean different methods the website earns money. For example it might be an Amazon affiliate website primarily but does it also earn some money from Google AdSense.

Here are some possible costs you might want to separate out into a cost breakdown.

What is your hosting package costs? Will they need to upgrade soon?

PBN hosting and domain renewal
does the website use a PBN, if so how muc =h is the hosting and domain renewals

WordPress plugins
Are you paying any monthly subscription costs for WordPress plugins?

Paid traffic
Are you using any paid traffic? If so whats the source and the costs?

#7 Clearly Define Everything In The Sale (social, email, pbn)

By clearly defining everything in the sale you will significantly reduce the risk of misunderstandings with regards to what you are selling and the buyer thinks he/she is buying.

Here are a few possible assets that you should mention. Hosting
Is the hosting package, virtual private server or dedicated server included in the sale?

Email lists
Is there any email list and is it included in the sale?

Social profiles
If there is a 20,000 funny cat video following on twitter is this included in the sale?

Private blog network
If a PBN is being used to boost the rankings is that included too?

#8 Be Honest About Risks To Reduce Disputes (PBN, social bots, GDPR)

Being honest with the buyer is essential. Outline all the serious risks that you feel he should be aware of. For example if you have pumped 10,000 GSA SER backlinks at the website make sure the buyer knows it might get deindexed and to consider it a churn and burn website.

If you sell your Amazon website to a buyer and the buyer suddenly feels like he's got a terrible deal he could do any of the following.

Try and raise a dispute with the broker/auction website
Sites like Flippa offer some protection to buyers, he/she might ask for a refund if they feel you have been dishonest.

Reverse the payment
We'll cover this below shortly.

Damage your reputation
Most auction sites and brokers have some sort of reputation systems thats based on previous sale history. A buyer could leave you negative feedback which might cost you money in the long run when you come to sell other websites.

#9 Give Thought To Payment Methods

There are many ways to accept payments for websites. PayPal, payment gateways such as Stripe, bank transfer. The main differences you need to be aware of between these different payment methods is that some are easily reversible. By reversible we mean you may sell your website to a buyer who uses PayPal or Stripe, you get the money in your account, you hand the website over then they reserver the payment and the money is taken back by PayPal or Stripe.

With Stripe the customer will of paid by card and can simply ring the bank and do a charge back on the card they used. The bank will then notify Stripe of the charge back who will either freeze the money or take it back from your account. You do have the right to challenge this with any evidence you can provide. However its the buyers bank that decides who's in the right...

With PayPal the customer can raise a PayPal dispute where they highlight how they believe they have been mis-sold and paypal will decide who's in the right/wrong this is more likely to go your way. Its typically manually reviewed but many people say there is some evidence the age and history of the buyers/sellers PayPal accounts can carry some weight in the dispute. For example has the buyer raised many disputes before? The other interesting point to note about PayPal is that even if the website seller wins the PayPal dispute then the website buyer can do a charge back to PayPal which PayPal will then pass onto you and take the money from your account.

So we've covered the normal payment gateways like Stripe and we've covered PayPay. The other option is non-reservable payment types, such as bank transfer and BitCoin. If the buyer is willing to take the risk of not being able to dispute the purchase then these are the safest ways to receive payment for a website from a sellers point of view.

#10 Be Open To Buyers Suspicions

Buyers will ask you all kinds of questions that may initially seem very odd to you. What country and you from? How old are you? It's most likely because they've been stung before and don't want a repeat.

If a potential website buyer asks you to do a TeamViewer screen share of your Google analytics or Amazon affiliate earnings don't be insulted because it feel like they don't trust you.

See it as an opportunity to gain their trust, sell your website and maybe even gain a long term customer.

#11 Use Your Reputation

Our final point in this post is to use your reputation. Buyers are naturally skeptical when buying a website online. They've probably conducted their own research and seen many horror stories people have shared about buying deindexed websites and so on. If you are selling on an auction website that has history and you actually do have a good history make sure that it is mentioned in the sale description/pitch.

The same goes for selling on a forum or a Facebook group. If you are an established member on a forum highlight this. If you are a long serving member of a Facebook group ask fellow members to vouch for you.

The more a buyer trusts you the more they'll be willing to spend with you.


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