Where To Find Good Content Writers For Your Amazon Affiliate Websites

Where To Find Good Content Writers
For Your Amazon Affiliate Websites

To scale an Amazon affiliate website and take your earnings to the next level you'll need to outsource your content creation and finding good quality content writers for your Amazon affiliate website can feel like a minefield sometimes.

In this post we'll cover some of the possible places you can source content. We'll cover both buying from content writing freelancers and from businesses that specialise in content creation. We'll not only cover places you can purchase content but also the steps you can take to get the best content possible and reduce the risk of being scammed online.

Should you hire a freelancer or pay a company to produce your content?

When buying content for your Amazon affiliate website you only really have two types of sources. Either individuals (freelancers) or companies that sell content. Firstly let's cover the pros and cons of these two types of content sources.

Advantages of using content Freelancers

  • Hiring a freelancer for content creation is are generally cheaper than buying content from a content company.

Advantages of using a content company
  • Purchasing content for your website from a company that specialises in website content creation is generally more expensive than a freelance writer.

  • Standards are typically higher than from a freelancer but this isn't always the case, just most of the time as the company should be keeping a close eye on their writers making sure they are producing good quality content.

  • A company will typically offer multiple methods of paying for your content, so you'll probably be able to select a safer form of payment such as PayPal.

Where are the best places to find freelance content writers?

We'll start off with hiring freelance content writers first. Let's cover the most popular places to find them.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are great places to find freelancer content writers for your Amazon affiliate websites. Simply post your requirements into relevant Facebook groups and ask to comment if they're interested. This helps with engagement on your post so it will appear in more user's timelines. People Per Hour / FreeLancer / UpWork

I've grouped these three websites into one category. You simply submit your requirements and people bid on the work. Be careful because you get what you pay for, the cheapest is normally the lowest quality but we'll cover shortly how to avoid this. iWriter

iWriter is like the sites above but specifically designed for buying website content and because of this they have things like "writer pools" where if you pay for content but don't like whats delivered then you can get another article from the pool of writers. So you never thave to take an article from a writer that you are not totally happy with. BlackHatWorld / Warrior Forum / Digital Point

Most internet marketing and search engine optimisation forums will have their own marketplaces where you can buy and sell services. Most offer SEO content writing services to members.

How to not get scammed when buying content from freelancer writers

When you buy content for your Amazon affiliate website from a freelancer you are essentially buying it from an individual. This individual could disappear after taking your money. Let's go over a few simple tips to minimise the risk of getting scammed.

Ask to see previous work that you can verify its theirs
Make sure you use a payment method that is reversible such as Paypal. If you do use Paypal don't pay them using the "family and friends" method as there is no protection for this.
If you are making a bulk order ask to pay in chunks upon delivery

How to find good content writing companies

Finding good content writing companies is very similar to finding good freelance content writers. You simply have to check how established they are and ask for previous work.

How to ensure you get good content when ordering

There are a few simple tips you can follow to ensure you get the best content possible when ordering.

  • State the purpose of the content - When ordering content state its purpose, if its for search engines state you need it search engine optimised or you'll simply have to rewrite it after. If it's to convert visitors make sure its worded in a way that will sell your product or software.

  • Specify the target audience - A good writer will know that the way you word your websites content is very different for a 21 year old man compared to a 70 year old woman.

  • State the desired length of the content - If you ask someone to just write you an "article" or a "blog post" without specifying a desired length you'll probably get 500 words of content. This won't rank well. You'll need to specify 2,000 words if its going to generate any traffic to your website.

  • Expected ETA- Agree when the content will be delivered before you order it or you might find yourself waiting for weeks maybe even months if its a big content order.

  • Highlight your expectations - Sometimes (especially when ordering cheap content) you have to literally tell the writer that spun content, content with spelling mistakes and copied content is not acceptable.

  • See past work - As we've covered already always ask to see past content they've created for previous clients. This will help you gauge the quality you will receive for the price you are paying.

  • Always check reviews - When ordering from an Internet marketing / SEO forum you should be able to see past clients in the content sellers threads. You can message these buyers to find out what the delivered content was actually like. The same goes for places like iWriter, always read the content sellers reviews.

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