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Come and guest post on AMZ Link Checker

We're looking for guest posters who want to write for us

AMZ Link Checker is the internet's number one cloud based Amazon affiliate link checker.

In addition to our link checking service we maintain a blog that helps Amazon affiliates grow their websites.

Because of this we're always look for guest posters who would like to write for us if they can meet the following strict criteria.

  • The number one rule: your guest post must help Amazon affiliates grow their business
  • Your guest post must center around one of these topics SEO, Internet & Affiliate Marketing, Social Media or any topic an Amazon affiliate would find helpful
  • We must of not already covered the topic on our blog
  • The guest post must be a minimum of 2000 words long
  • If you are going to write for us please don't steal other peoples content
  • The content must be checked for spelling mistakes and must be grammatically correct
  • Please provide a list of 5 Amazon affiliate helping topics you could cover

If you feel like you can meet all of these strict requirements please email us at or contact us using our contact form.