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Stop throwing away Amazon affiliate commission. Automatically scan your Amazon affiliate website daily for missing affiliate tags, out of stock, unavailable, low rated and moved items that are dragging down your conversion rates. Get the full commission you deserve.

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Our system will then search your website looking for Amazon items you are linking to that are out of stock, unavailable, have low ratings or have been moved.

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AMZ Link Checker found 200 links on my website that weren't generating me any revenue, I was throwing money away everyday!

7RouterTables.com - Neil Jones
AMZ Link Checker has saved us literally hundreds of hours of manual work checking if our links are working correctly. You simply can't scale an Amazon affiliate website without this product.

EZToolHub.com - Richard Evans

I'd invest time in writing a long detailed review about a product only to find the manufacturers quality slipped a few months after release. I'm giving the product 5/5 on my website, Amazon buyers are rating it 1/5. It made my website look like a scam. AMZ Link Checker alerts me daily of any poor products I'm promoting now.

TheSmartestBuyer.com - Chris Smith
AMZ Link Checker has helped us realise our dream of making a profitable business providing real value to our visitors. Without this product we'd be losing hundreds of pounds every month.

Rocket Guest Posting - Rachael

What does our Amazon Link Checker tool look like?

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How will AMZ link checker help me?

We find that most websites have between 5%-10% of their amazon affiliate links pointing to items that have issues which will cause conversion rates to fall.

These issues include but are not limit to

We've worked with hundreds of Amazon affiliate website owners and found that correcting these types of Amazon affiliate link issues results in a massive increase in conversion rates. When most people click a Amazon link to buy a product and it's not in stock they'll go to Google and search for an alternative source. Meaning you will miss out on the commission you deserve. By making sure all your Amazon affiliate links are functioning correctly and linking to items that are available to buy as soon as the user loads Amazon we find that most Amazon affiliate website owners will see a big increase in their conversion rates.

Another feature our system offers is the abilty to see which Amazon items you are promoting that have a low average revew score. There is nothing worse than promoting a fantastic 5 star product only to find 6 months later the quality of that product has declined since launch and its now receiving very poor Amazon customer reviews while you are still telling your audience how great the product is. Our system allows you to set an average Amazon customer review score threshold so you will be notified of any Amazon items your website is linking to that have an average review score under that threshold.

Are you buying an Amazon affiliate store? Would you like an easy way to see which of your websites pages have Amazon affiliate links using certain Amazon affiliate tags? Our tag tools feature will show you which links on which pages of your website are using which Amazon affiliate tags so you can easily replace the old tags with your new correct Amazon affiliate tags.

We are offering a 100% free trial for all our users, this requires no credit card and is fully functional. So it will show you all the Amazon affiliate links on your website that have any issues which may lower your website's conversion rates.

Try our 100% free trial today and increase your Amazon affiliate website's conversion rates now.

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