12 Simple Tips To Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Click Through Rates

12 Simple Tips To Increase Your
Amazon Affiliate Click Through Rates

Everybody who's an Amazon affiliate knows the more people you get to click through from your website through to Amazon the more likely they are to not only purchase the item you are reviewing but to also purchase another unrelated Amazon item that you'll receive commission for.

So in short the higher your click through rate from your Amazon affiliate website to Amazon the more you'll earn. So let's look at some simple tips to increase your CRT and get you earning the commission you deserve.

#1 Use clear call to actions

The is the most basic tip and most important tip for increasing an Amazon affiliate website's click through rate. Make your call to action CLEAR. by call to action we mean what exactly you want the user to do. We want the user to read some content then click through to Amazon from your website.

Guide the user to do this at ever opportunity you can. Make your "check price" or "buy now" buttons stand out from the rest of the content. You can make them big, use striking fonts. you can even make them pulsate but make it obvious to the user this is the next action they take if they are interested in making a purchase of that item or just finding out more information about the item.

You'll be amazed at how many Amazon affiliate websites there are that have a tiny "buy now" button that is blended in with their content and the users barely notice its even there. I've literally been next to people who've landed on an Amazon affiliate website then read the content then closed the site and browsed to Amazon to buy the item because the CTA button wasn't obvious.

Just think of the Amazon commission that website owner is missing!

#2 Use multiple call to actions

A classic mistake we see many Amazon affiliate webmasters make is using just one call to action. So they'll have a "buy now" button either at the top of the article or at the bottom of the article. The problem with this is if the button is at the top of the page the user can read all the content get to the bottom of the page then not see any call to action buttons. A large percentage of them will simply close the page or just type amazon.com in their address bar and go straight there.

The problem with your CTA button being just at the bottom of the article is if you make the user think this item is amazing before they've finished reading your content or your content is particularly long they never even see your CTA button. They'll simply just type Amazon.com in their address bar and again you miss out on the commission.

You should have multiple call to action buttons or links throughout your content so the user can always see your CTA and be guided to Amazon through your affiliate link.

#3 Use call to actions that match your audience

A nice little trick some pro affiliates do is to customise their websites CTA to match their audience. For example if you own a website related to soccer you might add a little spinning football into your Amazon buy button. Any positive emotion you can evoke will make it more likley the user to going to click that button and land on Amazon.

#4 Use customer reviews

There are so many low quality Amazon affiliate websites out there so unfortunately due to this the user is probably going to trust the reviews on Amazon more than they trust your reviews. However you can take advantage of this.

Instead or in addition to your normal CTA of "buy now" or "see price on Amazon" you can use CTA's such as "see customer reviews" or "see Amazon reviews". You are using the high level of trust users have for Amazon as way to entice them to click your affiliate link.

#5 Use comparison tables

When users buy an item that has a medium to high price tag they'll normally want to compare a few different options first.

The problem with this as an Amazon affiliate is that if you are only reviewing one product in your content there is a strong chance they'll probably click off your content and search for another product to compare your item to. When doing this there is a chance they'll click another website's Amazon affiliate link and you'll have your Amazon affiliate cookie replaced with theirs so you'll get zero commission if they do buy the item you have reviewed.

One way to reduce this risk is to also compare all the alternatives of a product in the the same content. This way the user is more likely to click your CTA (links) and only your CTA and not browse to other websites.

#6 Split test your website

As a tech savvy user its very unlikely you'll ever be able to truly understand how your audience behaves when they land on your website. After spending hours on a website or the internet in general you'll look at websites in a very different way than the average casual user.

This is why its important to use whats called split testing. Split testing is very simple, in its most basic form you compare two different types of call to actions. An example of this could simply best two different "buy now" Amazon buttons. One is green the other is orange. You send the same amount of traffic to these pages with new call to actions and which ever button performs the best you keep. You then repeat this making small tweaks such as font, colors, sizes etc again and again. Constantly trying to improve your click through rate.

Eventually you will end up with a high converting CTA website.

#7 Keep users engaged so they reach your call to action

If users land on your website and its filled with ads, has weird small fonts and just generally looks terrible they won't engage with your content so they'll never have a reason to click your call to actions.

Make sure as soon as they land on your website they understand the layout, they see where the content is and it's easy to quickly digestive. If you do this they'll stay long enough to hit your CTA and hopefully click through to Amazon and buy your item.

#8 Write content that encourages a click through to Amazon

You can very skillfully write content that encourage users to click through your links to Amazon. For example you could write phrases such as...

  • "just look at the amazon reviews for this item"

  • "see the amazon reviews for more details about how X this product is"

  • "prices for this item change often so click below to get today price"

  • "click below for higher resolution images straight from amazon"

As you can see there are plenty of ways you can encourage people to click through to Amazon.

#9 Open Amazon in a new browser window

This is a pretty basic one but its one I see people failing all the time. Make sure your Amazon affiliate links and buttons open a new browser window rather that use the current one. This is because is people click off your website though to amazon but don't buy then close the window thats your easily forgettable website gone from their browser.

However if link Amazon link opens a new window when they close this window they are simply back at your website ready to keep reading your content and browsing around your website ready to see more Amazon items.

#10 Customize call to actions per page

If you have a fairly broad niche website you might consider customising the call to action (Amazon buttons links) on a per page basis. If you have one page about soccer and another about technology you want want to customise one for soccer loving users with football graphics in the button and one for tech users with tech related images in the buttons.

#11 Customize call to actions per traffic type

Again this is very similar to the above. You can customise your traffic depending on its source. For instance if your traffic comes from Instagram it might typically be a younger user so you could make the CTA appeal to a younger user. An example might be a make your Amazon button spin at set intervals or pulsate. This would appeal to a younger audience. An older audience might like something simpler with a respected font and plainer colors.

#12 Establish trust

With small Amazon affiliate websites often infected with malware or dodgy redirects people are often suspicious of websites they aren't familiar with. Due to this some are reluctant to click links on these websites or click anything.

You should aim to establish trust with your users as soon as they land on your website. They are more likely to listen to you as you guide them towards your call to action.

Make them understand how you are an authority in your niche.

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